Kylie Jenner’s Khy Maintain Momentum with New Winter Drop ft. Entire Studios

By November 8, 2023Fashion News

Drop 2 Inbound...

World-renowned businesswoman and model Kylie Jenner has made a big splash with her newest creative venture, titled Khy, with the affordable luxury outfit keeping the hype going with another drop.

Releasing soon after Khy’s first sold-out drop, which included a selection of black leather wardrobe mainstays like a trench coat, cropped hoodie, and crop top, Kylie Jenner’s new selection of pieces veers away from leather and towards more winter appropriate materials. New silhouettes also hit the shelves with cobalt blue, black, and white iterations of several puffer-style jackets taking the spotlight, all of which have been composed in collaboration with popular New Zealand born streetwear brand, Entire Studios. Drop 2 looks set to include all of these pieces of outerwear, with some standouts including a cropped hooded body warmer, a long hooded overcoat, as well as a quilted zip-up puffer jacket.

The second Khy drop is set to release on November 15th via the Khy website.

Check out imagery below.


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