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A destination that celebrates the artistry of winemaking!

Mar de Frades, meaning “Sea of Friars” reflects the winery’s coastal location and the profound influence of the nearby Atlantic Ocean on its vineyards. Renowned for their quality and deep dedication to the craftsmanship of winemaking as well as their exceptional Albariño wines, the brand is celebrated for producing wines that embody the essence of landscape, culture and character.

Mar De Frades represents the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation, employing cutting-edge winemaking techniques whilst maintaining a deep connection to the region’s heritage. Their commitment to sustainability doesn’t go unrecognised, with eco-friendly practices, social awareness and a true respect for the environment.

The local brand has found international popularity, branching outside of Galicia and now available in 45 countries with Spain being their biggest consumer and the U.K. being their second largest market.

The Wine


The star of the show, of course, is the wine itself catering to every palate with the diverse range. Mar de Frades showcases a spectrum of varietals, each a testament to the expertise of the winemakers, the brand pride themselves in individuality, authenticity and staying true to the their origin, all which can be experienced through each wine. Each tells a story of mastery as well as history with every sip, revealing the devotion that goes into crafting these elixirs. Mar De Frades have cleaverly mastered the delicate balance of tradition and innovation, crafting wines that are both a nod to the region’s heritage and modern winemaking techniques. Their commitment to sustainable and organic practices adds an extra layer of appreciation of each wine and the consciousness that goes into the the production to create real quality.
You can explore the full wine collection here.

The Winery 


Located in Galicia, in the northwest of Spain and nestled amidst the brands very own Finca Valiñas estate, the infamous Mar De Frades luxurious winery can be found overlooking the Ría de Arousa.

The winery itself is a work of art, seamlessly blending modern architecture with nature, whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or a casual enthusiast, Mar de Frades invites you to explore, taste and discover their collection. It’s more than a winery; it’s a sanctuary for those who seek a sensory journey through the world of exceptional wines and an opportunity to experience the Mar De Frades Atlantic lifestyle.

The brand’s winemaker Paula Fandino shares her expertise whilst walking you through a carefully curated selection of wines that showcase the diversity and unique processes from the vineyard’s to the bottle. The tasting room offers panoramic views of the vineyard, creating a serene ambience and to complement the wines and enhance the experience, Mar de Frades offers a curated selection of fresh gourmet bites for a perfect pairing.

The brands complete collection of wines and exclusive spirits can be purchased on site.

Mar De Frades x Fashion

For the past decade Mar De Frades have celebrated and collaborated with Spanish designers merging the creativity and expression of the wine and fashion worlds. Each year the brand enlists a designer to join forces on customising an annual special edition version of their classic bottle, with this being the 11th year and designed by Galicia’s very own renowned womenswear designer- Roberto Diz. The highly anticipated release of this limited drop will be available for purchase across the Spanish region in December.

What’s more


  • Mar De Frades is available in 45 countries with the U.K. being their second largest market. Stockists in the U.K includHarvey Nichols and Tesco.
  • Activities offered start from 12euros – 45euros per adult for parties unto 10 people. More information can be found here.
  • Shop the wine collection here.

“A special thank you to the entire team at Mar De Frades for the absolutely exceptional experience, truly one I’ll never forget”

– Taija- Leorelle (Fashion Editor)


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